Philosophies of a Moth Vol.1: An Awful Racket


Recorded in a single session August 2008 in downtown Prince George, these songs contain all the energy and promise that just weeks later would propel a basement dweller onto the highway and out into the great wide universe.

Philosophies of a Moth Vol.2: Get Angry About It

July 2009 – Incorporating the accordion, this album is the raw document of Dunbar’s first season on the streets of Montreal, making his mark as one of the county’s most remarkable street performers.

Philosophies of a Moth Vol.3:  TWO YEARS TO LIVE   (Double CD)


This double studio recorded album, recorded over a week and a half in Cumberland, BC in January 2010 is divided into 14 live recorded tracks and 10  showcasing his first foray into the world of overdubbing.  Inspiring repeated references to Bob Dylan and even outspoken comedian Bill Hicks, this independently produced magnum opus has all the makings of an underground folk music classic.

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