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  1. Hello. Ukraine love you .. you have a wonderful talent …. thanks

    • Hello, Skott.
      I live in Russia, and this letter is translated by a translator, so that I am sorry from words which not so are written.Reason of my appeal is a delight, got from your creation . I also play on an accordion already 10 years and seeing you in the internet wanted to play your songs . Turned out . But can not sing, your too high key . Prompt please, how did you train a vocal?
      My friends ( they are not musicians ) do not understand your creation, but for me you became the real idol
      With impatience I wait an answer.
      Your admirer, Dmitry from Russia.

      • Dmitry — It’s great to hear about the fans in Russia (as there is some Russian blood in my heritage). Hopefully I’ll manage to get there one day. I’m sure we would both enjoy jamming together. I appreciate your comments and keep the craft alive!

    • Hello Scott im from Lithuania. Now im urs Big Fan. Respect to you.

  2. Dunbar!!!! The soul that you bring to your music is what it’s all about!! Every time I go to house parties and someone is playing youtube vids…I play a bunch of yours… everybody is hooked!! Keep doing what cha do!!!

    Calgary, AB

  3. I’m trying to purchase an album on this site, but it’s not working. Any other way I’d be able to get a hold of your double cd? I hope it’s got some accordian in it:)

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING! Such a talent! A bientot en Europe!

  5. Gigi Bono Says:

    Hi Scott, I bought your album a couple of days ago and I’m really suprised by the lyrics. Even though I don’t really like Jones, it’s nice seeing you spreading the truth. Keep on writing bro.

  6. I Scott! I only stumbled upon you moments ago on youtube. But I hope you know that you inspire young accordion players like me to try something new and experiment more. You’re probably the best singer-songwriter accordion player I’ve seen yet. Thankyou!

  7. And Russia love you to, you write wonderful music

  8. See you November 30, 2010 8:00 PM – 11:30 PM AST

    Read more:

    Yeehaw… You’re coming to Halifax which means I will have seen you on two of Canada’s wonderful coasts!

  9. Bostonian Says:

    Bring it to Boston! I think Johnny D’s in Somerville would be perfect.

  10. I don’t normally dance to music. I would dance to your music.

  11. My friend Daniel and I are completely impressed with your talent, and we would looove it if you came to Portland, Maine and performed at a venue like SPACE Gallery or Coyle Street or the Aphohadion.

    You’re sooo good at what you do, and we want to see you live.

    Love & admiration

  12. Utah loves you!

    Your style…your passion…keep it up! 🙂

  13. I like it. Rips the soul))

  14. Hi scott! I’m impressed by your talent, you have a beautiful voice and you’re very good with the accordion. keep doing what you do with all the effort and soul that reflects your music.
    sorry for my bad English, greetings from Argentina

  15. Hello just came across you on the website of alex turcotte I think you sound just great. If an opportunity comes up I would love to work with you. Where are you based these days, in which country

    • Scott is based out of Montreal, QC Canada. In order to contact him, please send a message to his Facebook account as Scotty Dunbar. There are a few Facebook sites (set up by people we don’t know), but his real account is under Scotty Dunbar.

  16. kerrianne southway Says:

    I just downloaded your album! love it. Come to Melbourne Australia more then just me will love you here!!!!

  17. Dear Scott,

    Just moments ago I saw the “Billie Jean” item referenced on, and clicked on it with low expectations. That is the weirdest, most wonderful and compelling interpretation of the song I could have imagined! I am entranced! Your talent is tremendous. I will be reading all of your website shortly. Your mom rocks too; I so love it that she recycles cloth to make your CD covers.

  18. Andrew Jewell Says:

    Hey man, I downloaded one of your cds and got it as a FLAC file for the sound quality, but I can’t figure out how to play it. Is there any way I can get the MP3 instead?

  19. Jérémy Nolet Says:

    Hey Scott!

    I’m the guy who talk to you on Mont-Royal about doing a video portrait of you!? Well, i would like to know in the next 3 week what would be your availabilities to shoot it!? We need about 1hr or 2…


  20. johanne Says:

    Bonjour Scott,

    Je t’ai vu chanter au metro mont royale aujourd’hui et je t’ai acheté un disc, Je suis en amour hehe

  21. Love.. love… LOVE your music! You are one helluva talented man 🙂

  22. Thanks you for your music!
    From Russia with love!

  23. Hey Scott! I was on a school trip to Montreal with my class, and we went down one street and heard youu! Now, after a year, we still talk about youu, and listen to your cd over and over again! You are a musician, (: and we wish that next time we go back to Montreal, we will find you again! ❤ keep it up!

  24. Hello Scott. Sorry, I am writing with Google translator. My name is Paul. I live in Russia. I am delighted with your music. My soul fell in love with her ​​at first sound. I wanted to ask a question: You’re not going to give concerts in other countries, including Russia. Your music is beautiful. Thank you for your talent.

  25. Hey!
    I’m russian living in Czech Republic and I love your music. Will there be earlier albums available for downloading? I don’t wanna buy CDs, cause I don’t have a place to keep it, so I would like to pay for digital formats, like mp3.
    Keep up your good work, man!
    Loved Montreal this summer, btw.

  26. Hi Scott your music is fantastic.
    It can be seen as you put soul into every song.
    This is really awesome!!!
    We are waiting for your visit to Russia, St. Petersburg.

  27. Scott,you are the most talented musician I have heard.Keep on it.With love from Ukraine!Hope you come to Ua some day:)

  28. hello scott.. I just heard you’re music and I’m shocked… you are such a great musician:)) I’m from Georgia and I’d be very glad if you visited us, you have many fans here in my country and I just wanted to show that you are loved by people from all over the world :))

  29. Денис Says:

    Helloy Scott I from Russia to me to liking your creativity

  30. greetings from Amsterdam =) I’m a busker too, hope to meet you one day =)

  31. Hey Scott. I love listening to your music!! Especially your Billie Jean remix! I am a huge fan of yours, and want to see you come to Toronto. Can you sing any other Michael Jackson songs?

  32. Hi Scott I’m from Russia, I really like your songs, I would like to buy a CD with the first song and could you write an autograph on it

    • Thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay in responding. I’m not sure exactly which song it is that you’d like to get hold of. My mom actually sends out my cd’s from Prince George, BC. I’ll have her send you an email to make this happen.

  33. Hallo, Scott! I`m from Ukraine, I want to wish you something: keep going way you live, i don`t know “a lot” of your life, but I can say that when I first hear you – I understood, that you are most ALIVE person I ever see. I don`t know if you will understand what`s mean “alive” – that our “russian interpritation”, but i wish you to continue your music – don`t care about anything, but only your music. You have a lot of fans, who really understand that you are one of the most talented person

  34. Scott-Russia with you.thanks

  35. Vasiliy Says:

    Scott! Respect from Ukraine. Keep going 🙂

  36. Crap!!!! just found out you were in Newfoundland in July and I missed the show! have any idea when you’ll be back? just bought one of your cd’s its pretty badass, been strumming along to “aint mamma” for a few days now.

  37. Мария Says:

    Здравствуйте Скотт! Вы потрясающе талантливый человек! Нашли ваше видео случайно в контакте с мужем и пришли в восторг! Показали всем нашим друзьям и они тоже были приятно удивлены вашим голосом! Кажется, в одном из интервью вы сказали что если в России есть хоть один ваш поклонник, то вы приедете к нас с концертом? Так вот, в нашем городе у вас куча поклонников! Ждем вас с концертами! Будем счастливы лицезреть вас лично. С уважением Мария, г.Ханты-Мансийск. Кстати, у нас сказочно красивый город! Быть может он вдохновит вас еще больше)) Кто знает… Спасибо за внимание!

    • Мне хотелось бы, чтобы сделать шоу в России, и звезды не совместить для того, чтобы это произошло.

  38. Hi, Scott!
    My name is Julia, I’m from Russia). ‘m going to come next year, please, say if I see you in Montreal? And where? I love your creativity and really want to see him live.

    • Hi Julia — So great to hear you’re coming to Canada! Unfortunately it may not be too likely to have your wishes met though as I have been in British Columbia since March 2013 and am not sure when I’ll be back in Montreal. This summer I have performed at quite a few folk music festivals in northern BC, and who knows what the future will bring. Thank you for your kind comments and support. Hope it happens that we can meet one day.

  39. Hi Scott,I’m from Russia. I’m sorry, the message said through an interpreter.
    A huge thank you for the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand that you are very busy, but if all of a sudden you have time to answer it please: write the chords to the song What I Am the answer, thanks in advance.

  40. thank you for your music !!! … greets from Germany

  41. Greetings from Germany.
    I got informed about your new album by mail today and I had to buy it instantly (bought the “My Boy’s gonna Play in the Big Leagues” Album some time ago).

    Keep on with your great music!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!

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