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Scott is a singer, songwriter and one man band extraordinaire from Prince George, BC who is now living in Montreal. Like anyone he’s trying to figure out what its all about. When he finds out he’ll let you know by stomping out songs about it with as much fire as he can muster. Right now he’s in Montreal busking at the Berri Uquam and Mont-Royal Metro stations most days and looking for cool gigs and other musicians to leech off of when not reading about how well and truly music can save all our souls…(Checkout The Mozart Effect and other books by Don Campbell…) as well as getting into plenty of trouble like most other humans. A NOTE ON MY “CRAPPY” RECORDING (a DIY manifesto) The recording of my first “album” was done completely live with one mic in one morning. I understand completely that its not what many people would expect, but I’m also very proud of what’s on it. It was originally just going to be a quick demo of a few songs but I ended up recording 9 out of ten of them in about 3 hours, and I felt it was a really good snapshot of where I was at the moment. So basically its a ten song demo… A better recording is the crux of what makes a lot of musicians into dayjob slaves, and less seasoned musicians. They work their asses off for usually up to two years to pay for ten songs that will sound “big time” enough to get them on the radio… working and not playing enough, not writing enough, at the end of which they aren’t really qualified to do anything except play those ten songs and whine about not getting more credit for their album, which has usually become outdated relative to what is “hot” in the meantime. The sound of a quick homemade recording is an acquired taste, but rest assured, it is the sound of independence. In the end its clear that you can’t turn it up and rejoice in quadrophonic bliss, but I think you’d agree there’s something different about it, wouldn’t you? Rest assured I am going to strive for better quality in the future, (with microphone separation) but I think that the idea of radio-perfect tunes is killing real musicianship, and in the end I’m a lot more interested in the songwriting, and in the performance that has actually been played than in what kind of epic glorious fandangoes can be created with engineers and studios and (ICK! ) computers and all the rest. I know my viewpoint is a bit eccentric, but mainly people have remarked that they love the recording exactly because its so do-it-yourself, and I think as a music fan I cound myself among that camp as well. thanks to Naveen for inspiring this little rant…


16 Responses to “Scott Dunbar”

  1. Hi Scott.
    My name is Michael and I am a boy of 19 who lives in the city of Cabra (Córdoba) in Spain and some time ago that I follow you on your MySpace and I would love to buy your CD, in fact I’m going to buy.
    Also tell you that your music is extraordinary and your subjects really worthy of classic blues, at least from my point of view you are a musical genius and as I wish that someday get very far with music since I designed a poster for in Spain and in my city and also listen to you people see what you’re really worth very much.
    Here I leave the poster for you to see, hope you like it.
    A hug your fan Miguel.


    Mobile Phone: 697108732

    PD: I forgot to tell you that I dedicate to short films and theater.

  2. Hi Scott, your music is amazing. So soulful and captivating. I just recently quit my job and moved to Venice Beach CA to focus my energy on helping those less fortunate. I really love your vibe and was curious if you would ever be interested in doing a benefit show if you are ever in the LA area. I think you would love the Venice Beach culture and could see you gaining a lot of exposure if you were to play here. If of interest to you, I would love to talk to you a little more, if not of interest, I would still love to know when you might be playing in the LA area so I can get a buss full of people together to come support your incredible talent. Here is my website:

  3. Hi Scott.
    Big fan of yours here. Fucking amazing work mate, and I find your rant really influential about working on the music rather than on the perfect sound.
    Powerful voice and great music. Minimalistic approach and yet so full of emotions and everything a song should contain.
    And If I may suggest one thing… If your going to do some more covers consider Tom Waits – I’ll Be Gone from Franks Wild Years… That would be awesome to hear it played by you. Or do anything else by Waits.
    Ok that’s all from me.
    Keep on rockin’ mate.

  4. Hello again Scott!
    I am writing this message to tell you that I bought your CD, I am waiting it, an email was sent to my friend Raúl and he told me that the CD was sent from Montreal to Spain the 26 th of May, I hope it come soon for following listening your music 24 hours every day.
    Maybe some day I will go to Montreal to see you in a concert.
    Well, good friend, best of luck and hope you come someday to Spain to play and other thing, my friends also like your music and everywhere I talk about you and what great artist you are.

    Great Scott Dunbar One Man Band!

    PS: When I have the CD at home I’ll do a photo and upload to the Internet so you can see your music is bought for people that admire you like me, I wish you get to the top of music.

    Rocking Chair Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! 😀 Hugs!

  5. Now I have the CD !!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for being a good musician Scott.

    A hug.

  6. Hi Scott, just getting back home from an amazing ArtsWells weekend and on the drive listening to your new cd. It gave me goose bumps! It’s so powerful. It was also so great to see you perform on the mainstage at the hall on Sunday night and with other great musicians filling out your songs, it was so moving, so incredible and so fun to dance to. At the wrap up meeting we talked a lot about how ArtsWells has grown and matured and how great it’s been to see some of the artists who keep coming back really growing as well. And I thought of you two years playing on the open mic stage and everyone being so blown away and how much you’ve become a part of the ArtsWells family since then and now rockin the mainstage on Sunday night. Anyways, I just wanted to get that all out to you while it was fresh.

    Keep well, see you next August long weekend

  7. Rachel Miller Says:

    Hello anyone,
    I don’t know exactly who will see this, but can anyone tell me where I can order a copy of any/every one of Scott’s albums as they are released?


    • Hi Rachel,
      All of Scott’s albums are now available on his website. Follow the “Music” link in the right hand column of the front page.

      Website Administrator

  8. Preston Jahn Says:

    Please come to Charlotte, N.C. USA, youtube has become insufficient.

  9. Maksim Yakorev Says:

    Hi Scott
    I can’t explain how much i like your music , and I hope that you continue your activities . I’m from russia and you have fans and here , it’s so cool i think
    Your fan , Maksim 🙂

  10. Ramiro Castro Says:

    Hello Scott,

    Congratulation for your awesome work !
    I work with a group of youth and I have shown your material as example of creativity and art, they loved it! They want to you use your music as soundtrack for one documentary that we are producing.
    Let me know if you are available for one presentation next year in Montreal ( 1st week of March).
    Thank you !

  11. Never change!! You’re beautiful as you are!!

  12. I love you!

  13. ООООчень удивила эта музыка, в душе столько позитивных эмоций !!! Спасибо Скотт Данбар, за ваше творчество !!!

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